Sports Podiatry in Australia

What is a Sports Podiatrist?

Podiatry across the globe is very different. Podiatrists in the US are able to perform complex musculoskeletal surgeries and go to medical school. Podiatrists in Australia and the U.K complete four years of undergraduate training at a university level before becoming qualified. Students are subject to rigorous training in diabetes, neurovascular assessment, sport injuries, dermatological conditions and footwear knowledge.

The term 'Sport Podiatrist' is very loosely used by most podiatrists in Australia. There is a regulatory body, the Podiatry Association who credits podiatrists as titled 'Sport Podiatrists' as they must undertake additional training.


Does it matter who I see if I have pain?

We believe it does. Like with many things, professions have people that specialise within it. As podiatry is a profession with many scopes of practice, often it is difficult to be an expert or very proficient in all. Yes, all podiatrists can treat injuries, perform general foot care, remove ingrown nails, monitor your neurovascular status and so fourth. However, as rehab is often multifaceted and complex, experience and being within a setting that deals with cases very similar is important.

We are lucky enough to be within a multidisciplinary Sports Medicine Clinic alongside Sports Physician Dr Neil Halpin and Dr Jin Lee, as well as Sports Doctors Dr Andriy Boyko and Dr Luke Dan. Working alongside these health professionals offers us a unique perspective and insight into the world of Sports Medicine, rehab, diagnostics and treatment of many complex and simple musculoskeletal conditions

We also have a large fully functioning gym which includes a running track and olympic lifting platforms, it is designed for best practise functional assessments and high performance rehabilitation.

What should I look for when choosing someone to help with my pain?

There are numerous treatments, ideas and methods that result in great outcomes.


  • Someone who actively listen to your concerns is important. Planning and working towards your goals is pivotal in the rehab journey.
  • An understanding of biomechanics, movement and the human body.
  • Strength and conditioning background. There are only a small number of musculoskeletal conditions that don't benefit from strength, endurance or power training. An evidence-based and knowledgable therapist should always emphasis the important of building resilience.
  • Someone who is exposed to similar conditions, has experience in treating those conditions daily and has the ability to refer on if needed.
  • An area for assessment - any assessment should be completed within a spacious and equipment full room. This is so a complete and thorough assessment is able to be completed. Watching someone run, walk or move in a space big enough is important and helps decide which rehab or treatment should happen.


Choosing someone to look after you, your family, friends or a loved one is important. It always helps to do your research, learn about the practice and who they're associated with.

Blake about us

Blake Withers

Podiatrist and researcher at Newcastle University
Blake has a passion for endurance athletes and in particular, runners. His post graduate research investigated perceptions around footwear and foot type within this group. He is a keen athlete himself, finishing 3rd recently in the Noosa Triathlon in his respected category and 1st in the Glasshouse 100 (15km) trail run through the Glasshouse mountains. He currently continues to train for marathons, triathlons, and Ironman events. ‘Building resilience is one of the most important aspects I have found to be pivotal in the rehab journey’

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