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Heel and Foot Pain? Read and Fix it now!

Heel pain is the most common foot condition on earth. We see it the most out of all podiatrist in Newcastle as we are a speciality clinic. This blog details some of the treatments we may use and how we use them.
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Does it matter if your kids lower limb looks different?

This blog explains how important it is to worry about kids feet and their lower limb. Feet rolling in and knee's going is normal.
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Blister Prevention and Footwear advice

This presentation was presented by Blake Withers from Newcastle Podiatry. It is talking about Blister Prevention and Footwear Management.
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How To Pick the Best Hiking Shoes?

Picking the best hiking shoes can be difficult! Knowing what to look for can be hard but getting the fit right is incredibly important. Our Newcastle Podiatrist Blake explains what to look for.
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Ingrown Nail Treatment – Achieve Podiatry

How do we manage an Ingrown nail? – Written by our Newcastle Podiatrist Blake We commonly see Ingrown nails   We commonly say ingrown nails in the clinic here at Achieve Podiatry Newcastle. We get a lot of questions about the management and treatment of this pathology. This blog will be a resource for patients…
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Achieve Podiatry Newcastle Newsletter

Book Now Hi everybody and welcome to our end of May Achieve Podiatry newsletter.. Here are some things that have been happening within the team at Newcastle Achieve Podiatry. Newcastle University is having their mid year break.. That means Justin & Blake will have more time to see patients.. Hoorah! Newcastle Podiatrist Podcast Listen in…
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Treatment for Big Toe Pain – Newcastle Podiatrists Justin & Blake

How do we treat a painful, stiff big toe joint? Watch below and listen to Justin and Blake explain the management of 1st MPJ (big toe) Osteoarthritis. At Achieve Podiatry in New Lambton, Newcastle, we see a lot of people who have tried numerous therapies for this condition. By and large, there is improvement with…
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Is PRP bad for Achilles Tendinopathy? – Newcastle Podiatrist Blake explains

Is PRP effective for the treatment of Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy? – By our Newcastle Podiatrist Blake Withers Now let’s talk about this study. We see this a lot here in our clinic in New Lambtom, Newcastle. I think understanding the research on this topic gives you the ability to gain knowledge on this topic. I…
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Can Shoes Prevent Injuries? – Justin our Newcastle Podiatrist Explains

Motion-Control Shoes Reduce the Risk of Pronation-Related Pathologies in Recreational Runners: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial TINE MARIEKE WILLEMS, PT, PhD CHRISTOPHE LEYELS GOETGHEBEUR, DANIEL THEISEN LAURENT MALISOUX, PhD Can Shoes Stop and reduce Injury? Read on as our Newcastle Podiatrist Justin fills us in! Cracking study which has been analysed by…
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Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome and Injectables

Our first Research review from our Newcastle Podiatrist Blake. This is something I have always wanted to do. I know the struggle that clinicians go through. Generally, its one of three: You don’t have the time to read the research You don’t have access to full articles You can struggle to interpret the data and…
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Podiatry and your Persistant Back Pain

Podiatry and your back pain. It is common for Podiatrists to assess foot mechanics to understand if they're related to back pain. Generally, it isn't.
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Learn about stress, pain & Injury with our Newcastle Podiatrist Blake

Do you know how much stress can impact your risk of injury? It is alot more than most people think.
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Pain & Sleep discussed by our Newcastle Podiatrist

Let’s talk about sleep, injury risk and performance.   Now, over the last few years there has been an increasing amount of evidence come out showing how sleep or adequate sleep can reduce the risk of musculoskeletal and sport injuries. Now, here at achieve Podiatry which is in Newcastle, Australia, we ask all our patients…
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What gait related risk factors are related to MTSS (Shin Splints)?

Intensity control. It is important in rehab and with asymptomatic (not painful) people that there is intensity control. The risk for development of MTSS is vastly different when adding in intensity (speed) compared to distance. I educate runners that when adding in intensity to reduce there distance by 10-30%, then bring slowly bring it back…
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Flat feet and Children

Let’s talk about a controversial topic, flat feet, and children.   They are commonly thought of as problematic, but we have no research to support this. Now, when we talk about flat feet, it’s interesting to read some of the research and literature around what really is a flat foot. We don’t really have much…
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What to do if my Tendon is grumpy?

Generally, we see tendons underloaded. Tendon’s may need to be subject to power, strength, endurance, force production and absorption training. This video below demonstrates what Blake went through with a runner who is now running back full time and had suffered a Peroneal Tendinopathy.
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Speciality of Podiatrists and a different diagnosis

We see a a lot of patients here in Newcastle who have been given the diagnosis of an Achilles Tendinopathy when it may actually be a Paratendon. The Paratendon is the sheath that encompasses the Achilles tendon. The treatment is completely different. Remember, if things aren’t improving, it is important to check the diagnosis.
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Three reasons to track your activity. Tips from our Newcastle Podiatrist!

Hello, its your local Newcastle Podiatrist back to give and welcome you to some knowledge. I am here to tell you to start tracking your activity! Justin and I see a-lot of pain, rehab, athletes and active people in Newcastle. One thing we like to get people to do is track their activity as it…
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The important parts of athletic shoes! Lifting v running shoes? Squishy v hard?

This video summarises great cushioned footwear at an affordable price range. The important parts of athletic shoes! Lifting v running shoes? Squishy v hard?  Currently there are approximately 1233 different shoe brands on the market. Imagine trying to work out between them which is best. Podiatrists typically understand footwear to some degree. However, with the…
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Calf tears

Calf injury’s       The calf muscle is one of the most commonly ‘torn’ or ‘strained’ muscles in the body. This occurs when the muscle is forcibly stretched beyond its limits resulting in tearing of some of the muscle fibres. The calf is comprised of two muscles. The Soleus which is deep and the…
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Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy What is shockwave therapy? Do I need shockwave therapy? My friend has shockwave therapy and it didn’t work? Does shockwave therapy hurt? We will look to answer some of these questions over the coming weeks through our instagram and blogs    We have it and yes, we use it.   Does that mean…
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Stretching is good… isn’t it?

Do I need to stretch? Is stretching worth while?
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One leg shorter than the other?

Limb Lengh Differences What is a Limb Length Difference? Having one leg shorter than the other. Although it is well acknowledged there is a high prevalence of it amongst people, there is little consensus amongst literature as to the significance or the importance of it. Causes: Congenital (from birth) conditions include mild developmental abnormalities found…
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Return to Running with your Newcastle Podiatrist

This is a short summary of how to to return to running after an injury. We see many runners in clinic and use this a tool they can use when returning.
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Sports Podiatry in Australia

What is sport Podiatry? Is there a difference between a podiatrist and a sports podiatry. What about podiatrists that predominantly see sport injuries?
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Bone stress injuries in prepubescent athletes

What can we supplement for runners to improve their bone health? Unfortunately, running is seen as a sport or training modality that increases the resilience and capacity of the bones of the body. Although this does hold some truth, the amount is minimal compared to what could be achieved.
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Myths About Foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses, otherwise referred to as foot orthotics are specially designed shoe inserts that help redistribute forces throughout the lower limb. Blake has provided some insight on what foot orthoses really are and has helped to bust common foot orthoses myths.
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